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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Natural Pink Eye Solution

This morning my 9 year old son woke up with a bad case of pink eye. His eye was itching, the skin around it was puffy, and the white of the eye was turning a lovely shade of pink. In years past we would have taken him to the doctor for prescription antibiotic eye drops--at a substantial cost of time and money. Fortunately, in our research on essential oils we've found that there is a natural solution for pink eye that works FAR better (and more quickly) than those antibiotics! We had Joshua sit down and we put a just drop or two of an essential oil blend called Purification around the outside of the eye socket (NOT in the eye or even very close to the eye). He complained just a tad about his eyes watering, but that settled down pretty quickly.

In a few minutes we sent him to take his shower, and when he came downstairs dressed for the day there was NO redness or swelling at ALL--and no more itching! You wouldn't know he had ever had pink eye. Now that is the fastest that we've ever seen the Purification remedy work, but we have seen it work many times and have heard lots of similar stories. Some parents have told us that by simply diffusing Purification into the air in their child's bedroom at night they have been able to resolve the infection--without applying it topically to the child at all.

I am prone to eye infections in one eye myself. One doctor told me it was due to a port wine stain birthmark and the extra blood flow that brings to the left side of my face. Whatever the reason, Purification has saved me hundreds of dollars in doctor bills and expensive ophthalmic antibiotic drops in the last three years. Actually, come to think of it--I hardly get eye infections anymore! The essential oils and healthy eating must have a preventative effect as well!

My sister Sonya in Iowa has a friend who related this story; she (my sister's friend) had one child on antibiotics for pink eye when the second child also came down with it. She had been using the medication for 2 days with the first child with little improvement, so she decided to try the essential oils route instead. She put Purification in the "T" zone on both children's faces, and rubbed the bottom of their feet with Thieves antibacterial oil blend (just for good measure). Within 24 hours both children had no more visible signs of pink-eye.

Since antibiotics are generally given for a number of days to insure the infection is totally eradicated we will continue to apply the Purification oil blend about 3 times a day for the next few days just to insure that the infection does not return. Still, at less than $20 per bottle wholesale, with each bottle containing about 250 drops, this is not only the quickest, but also the most cost-effective remedy we've found!

If you're not using the high quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living, don't expect the same results. If you are not already ordering these oils, there is more information about how to do so on the ordering page.

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